AJ Gear Tree Swing Hanging Kit




  • Now you can have the swing of your dreams: our set of straps include two 10ft* 2inch straps with two carabiners and four d-ring with a carry bag. Straps are made of high quality polyester. They are tenacious and durable. You can feel confidant that our materials will never rust, fade or be affected by unpredictable weather.
  • Spend some quality time with your children: our set of swing straps is suitable for children of all abilities and you can use it as a more inclusive experience for your family. We believe our swings can help strengthen your families ties through the memorable playtime moments you’ll be sharing. If your family is ready for a reset, we offer you the equipment to bring you together!
  • Now you can have your swing installed safely: making your swing safe for everyone to enjoy is easy and simple with aj gear straps. Whether you’re hanging a swing on tree branch, a patio beam or playground equipment, aj gear is here to help make the process easier and safer. Unlike other swing hangers, with our set of straps you won’t need a drill or any other tools to start having fun.